“Cricket is my Biggest Motivation”


Ankit Gupta is a cricket enthusiast hails from Jammu. He is a Software Engineer by profession but he is a true fantasy enthusiast.

He started his journey on HalaPlay back in 2017. He was one of the early adopters of the platform and has been a part of our growth story.

In a candid conversation with our team, he shares his trade secrets and his experience on HalaPlay.

What is the best thing you have done with your winnings?

Well, I went to a foreign trip with my friends and  bought gifts, like mobile phones for family and friends.

what is the one thing you wish to do, when you win a lot of money?

Since I love travelling, I wish to travel more and more in the future and buy a lot of gifts for my family.

What kind of research goes behind while choosing players? Do you have a set of criteria?

I don’t have any set criteria or specific strategy, but I always think from opponent’s perspective. Like, if it’s IPL or any Indian test series, a lot of people are aware of all the players and their performance, but when it comes to other international/ non international matches not everybody is that well prepared and aware of all the players & playing conditions. So I try to make a similar team changing 2-3 players so that there is no tie.

How does your strategy change depending on match format (Test, T20, ODI)?

Definitely, strategy depends on the type of the match. For E.g., if it is a women’s game, there is a higher possibility that more wickets will fall, so I choose a team with more bowlers and all – rounders.

When it comes to ODI or 50 over games, my focus shifts on batsmen since there are more overs to bat, so mid – order batsman can score more runs, with a preference for batsman as the captain in these games

In T20s, batsman are quite risky for captains so I go with all – rounders as my captain as they have more scope to give points.

Can you name some of your favourite Leagues at HalaPlay?

I usually play Rs 50 & Rs 99 Monster leagues for the big kill. In the H2h section you will find me playing the Rs 500 & Rs 750 leagues because of the variety of players you get there.

How much does toss result factor in your team formation strategy?

Toss factor plays an important role while making a team. After the toss, if the team is batting first in T20, ill choose 3 batsmen of that team and death bowlers from the opponent team. From the chasing team, ill choose first 2 batsmen as they will try to score maximum. When it comes to ODI I keep it balanced as everyone has a lot of opportunity to score points.

what is the best motivation for you to play on HalaPlay?

The biggest motivation for me is my passion for cricket.I love watching cricket and I just enjoy it. Why HalaPlay? That’s because it charges the least platform fee compared to any other fantasy platform and the overall quality of service. I love the VIP pass concept on HalaPlay as it maximises my winnings which is not there at other platforms.

How much does match conditions affect your strategy? (pitch, toss, weather)

Weather condition would make a big difference in my team formation as it plays an important part in the outcome of the game. Mostly this is available beforehand and I adapt accordingly. It plays a crucial aspect in rain affected games as top order batsmen and strike bowlers become my key picks.

Do you follow any pages / channels / sites for drafting the best combination?

I don’t believe in tips for fantasy. I like to do my own research for which I follow CricBuzz & ESPNCricInfo. I trust my own skill set when it comes to team formation.

Do you also play and compete with your friends?

Yes, sometimes I do compete with my friends when team India plays as there is a fun aspect to it.

As winning on DFS takes a lot of time and dedication, how do you balance your work life playing DFS?

It’s not that difficult to balance my work life with playing fantasy cricket, since I am quite experienced. I usually check the list of all the matches and do my research for whichever match I want to play, at night before going to sleep and next day when I have to make my team, I do it easily with all the knowledge and information present.


Best wishes, Ankit, keep playing on HalaPlay.