Mastering HalaPlay H2H Leagues


HalaPlay lets 2 users face-off against each other in Head-to-Head or H2H leagues, and the winner takes the entire prize pool. H2H leagues maximise your winning chances due to least competition.

H2H leagues can be found under the H2H[N] or H2H[R] tab in the match of your choice.

Pro Tip

Due to relatively higher chances of winning, H2H leagues are the best option to maximise your benefits from VIP Pass

Navigating through H2H

  • Inside H2H[N] or H2H[R] tab, click on Join on the H2H league of your choice and then select the team you want to join with.

    Pro Tip

    You can view the opponent’s name for the league in the league card before you join the H2H league.

    The confirmation window popup will show the entry fee about to be deducted.

    Confirm your selection

    Click on Confirm and you are in!

  • If you are unable to find a H2H league of your choice you can create your own and play with friends or other users

    Click on the create league button on top right corner inside H2H[N] or H2H[R] tab and you will notice all the choices to create a public normal H2H league are selected by default. Click on Select entry fee and choose from the scroller.

    Pro Tip

    You can create and play Free H2H leagues too, for practice or just for fun.

    You will get a notification as soon as the choice of entry fee is made, this will display the amount you stand to win in the league. VIP pass holders win more by paying half the platform fee than non-VIP users.

    Prize money for VIP and non-VIP users

    Click on Save and you are now in the league, now join the league with an already created team, or create a new team altogether.

    You are in the league

    Pro Tip

    You can share the created H2H league with your friends from the Share button on top right corner once you are inside the league.

  • Cant see the H2H you are looking for? You can easily filter through the H2H competitions to find your desired leagues.

    Under H2H[N] or H2H[R] tab, you will find Filter H2H League options. Click on Filter and select entry fee from the choice scroll and then click on Filter option. For eg: We have selected ₹20 entry fee

    The results will display all the public H2H league with entry fee ₹20.You can now join the filtered H2H league of your choice and win.

    ₹20 H2H filtered

Auto-Join & How to use it effectively

If you want to join multiple H2H and are tired of filtering/creating or joining individual leagues, you can do so through the exclusive Auto-Join feature on HalaPlay and efficiently join multiple leagues with minimum effort.

Here’s what you need to do to join leagues via this revolutionary feature:

Head over to H2H[N] or H2H[R] and you can’t miss the Auto-Join window.

Auto-Join H2H option

Creating an Auto-Join request on HalaPlay app

Get in the Auto-Join queue with a 2-step process

  • Select the entry fee for the leagues you want to play in. For eg: We have selected ₹10 entry fee
  • Select the number of leagues you want to join with this feature and click Next. Let us say we want to join 5

On clicking Next the popup window will now give the review of the request, and display the amount to be used for auto-joining leagues, confirm the request (entry fee is not deducted at this point). Now select the team you want to join the queue with and confirm your selection in the review pop-up

You will then be put in a queue with other users who requested Auto-Join for the same entry fee, and the system then matches you with one of these users.

Pro Tip

Following an auto-join request, money is only deducted once you match with another user, and not during request creation.

Please be advised, once you create an Auto-Join request it cannot be cancelled.

Checking the status of your request.

You can track the status of your request and take a look at how many leagues are filled.

In the Auto-Join window you will find a Track Status button.Go ahead and click on it. It will display the number of leagues that have been filled for your Auto-Join request.

All H2H leagues joined via Auto-Join feature can be found under Joined tab in My Leagues or exclusively under Private tab on the HalaPlay app/website.

Congratulations! You are now ready to battle it out with users efficiently for H2H glory and gain maximum benefits out of your VIP pass. Don’t have a pass yet? Head over to HalaPlay app and get your VIP pass to avail significant boost in your winnings. Try it now!