Update alert : Team Selection


Restrictions have been relaxed while choosing a team and this could help you create a team of your choice to win big! 

Ever wish you could choose a team with 8 batsmen? Maybe you wish you could choose a team with 8 bowlers on a good bowling pitch? Well now you can with the new changes on the Halaplay app. We have decided to give YOU complete power on choosing your team. No more having to worry about not being able to choose the team of your choice! 

The rules are simple. 

  1. Choose a minimum of one player in each category of Wicket Keeper, Batsmen, All rounder and Bowler.
  2. Have a minimum of 4 players from each team.
  3. Create a team of 11 players within the 100 credits.

Updated team creation changes

Minimum Batsmen 1
Minimum Bowler 1
Minimum All-rounder 1
Minimum Wicket Keeper 1
Minimum players required from one team 4
Max credits allowed to create team 100


This is where your skill comes into play. With more restrictions removed, we at Halaplay are giving you the opportunity to show us your skill and choose the best team possible!

Some strategic examples

  • Batsmen oriented team

Have you ever predicted a high score chase looking at the two team line ups and the ground and wished you could choose all their batsmen since they were all so good? Well now you can in the Halaplay app. Choosing a full batsmen oriented team could be a risk that could pay off and help you win! Here is an example of a team with the following 

  • 8 Batsmen 
  • 1 Wicket Keeper
  • 1 Bowler
  • 1 All Rounder

  • Bowling oriented team

Ever wondered how your team would perform if you had all those seamers and spinners in one team on a good bowling pitch? Here’s your chance at Halaplay! Take your risks and choose all the bowlers and watch them knock down your opponents with their wickets! Here is how you can choose a bowling dominated team. 

  • 8 Bowlers 
  • 1 Wicket Keeper
  • 1 Batsman 
  • 1 All Rounder

Head over to the Halaplay app to get started!