New Feature Alert – Auto Join V2


100% Winning Payout now on Halaplay! Join leagues worth up to 5 lakhs with the click of a single button

We at Halaplay are grateful for all the feedback we received on the auto-join feature. We have understood the pain of joining multiple head-to-head leagues and the new auto-join makes it easier to join the leagues without joining them manually!

What is auto-join?
Auto join is a feature that enables Halaplay VIP users to join multiple head-to-head leagues and automatically match against players who also wish to do the same. If that’s not convenient enough, you get a 100% Payout from every league that you’ve joined using Auto join. However, you must note that you cannot cancel an auto-join request after creating it.

Would I be able to mitigate my risk against each player while using auto-join?
While using the auto-join feature, we have provided you with an option to select the maximum amount against a specific user and specific team. This will enable you to mitigate your risk among multiple users and teams if you wish to do so. 

How does auto-join work?
Auto join is currently a feature that is enabled for all VIP players on Halaplay. To create an auto-join request, a user must follow these steps:

Step 1
Create an auto-join request from the H2H tab in any match before the game starts.

Step 2
Select the Team, amount, and maximum amount against 1 team that you wish to join with. Once a team has been selected, it cannot be replaced. 

Step 3
After the creation of your auto join request, you will be taken to a status page which can be refreshed to see the updated status on your auto join request.

Step 4
Head over to the My league’s section and click on the Auto Joined tab to see who you’ve been matched with.

Step 5
View your rank and winnings on completion of the match. Here, you can also see a consolidated amount of how much you have matched against each player.

Can I replace my team after creating an auto-join request?
No, you cannot replace your team after creating a request. 

Can I Cancel an auto-join request after I have created it?
No, you cannot cancel your request after creating it.

What balances can I use for auto-join?
Only winning balance can be used to opt-in for auto-join. 

Do I need to be a VIP to be able to use auto-join?
Yes, Auto Join is a VIP-only feature on the Halaplay app. 

Do I get a 100% payout from all the leagues joined via auto-join?
Yes, for all the leagues matched and created via auto-join, you will receive a 100% payout.

Do I have to join any leagues manually, while using the auto-join feature?
No, the matching of leagues and teams is automatically done by Halaplay. 

When will the deduction of my winning balance happen?
Deduction of winning balance happens when a user is matched against a specific user and a league is created on their behalf. 

How are the leagues matched and created by Halaplay?
Leagues are matched with users when new requests are made. 

Here is an example of three auto-join requests made by two different users. 

User A creates an auto-join request X for 10,000 with team 1 and with a maximum amount against a team of 2,000.
Then, User B creates an auto-join request Y for 20,000 with team 1 and with a maximum amount against a team of 5,000.
At this stage, User A and User B would match for an amount of 2,000 (lower of the two maximum amounts against a team) and a league would be automatically created.
Then User A creates a second auto-join request Z for 5,000 with new team 2 and with a maximum amount against a team of 1,000.
User B’s team 1 and User A’s team 2 would be matched and a league of Rs 1,000 would be created. 

Use the below table as a reference.