New Feature Alert – Loyalty Program


The biggest gifts and prize opportunity of the year for users is about to become true! This new feature will allow you to participate and win grand gifts such as iPhone12 Pro Max and rewards worth 5lakh. Read below to know more about it!

A number of questions arising on what is this feature and how can we enroll for it, where will we find it. We have it covered for you and it’s as easy as you play the leagues.

What is a loyalty ticket?
A loyalty ticket is an additional benefit given to users as they play on the application, users can get various tickets by performing various activities and can redeem them for various contests under gift shop.

You can easily earn tickets by playing contests, referring friends, deposits, or purchasing VIP pass. The more tickets with you more the participation in the loyalty contests and the higher the chances of winning.

After every contest there will be a winner and contests will be of various types from hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly based and each of different values. Winners will have to fill a claim form to confirm their details. So what are you waiting for participate now!

The below images will guide you on how you can participate in loyalty and what are your further steps in which you can get the tickets and redeem them.

How Loyalty Program Works

Click here to check Loyalty Program details

You can find the loyalty ticket details inside the gift shop which is placed in more. Once you click on it and participate then you will come for more.

In the above image, you can see ways to earn loyalty tickets. Get ready to collect as many as possible and redeem it against the gift of your choice.

Click here to get Prize Details

That is an example of gifts you will be seeing inside the gift shop, a voucher, gadgets, iPhone, and many more exciting prizes. You better look out for what you like and participate more which gives you more chances of winning.

Here you can see prize details

You can check the details of the prize and how many users have participated in the contest, along with that you can also see prize details.

Click here to buy the number of tickets and try your luck

Use your tickets to participate in the contest, the more you participate more your chances of winning.

Click here to get previous winners history

You can check winners’ history of past contests and keep an eye if any of your friends have won the contest and cheer them up!

You can find the previous winning history of the contests

All your ticket transactions of debit and credit can be found here

All tickets which you redeem for any contest or received tickets from the contest you play can be checked under the history section.

Ticket History: To check from where you get tickets

Every league has different amounts which you can see as above. What are those amounts can be found on the entry page.

Click here to claim your Gift if you win any

Once a winner is declared after the contest ends notification will be sent to the winner where he can click and claim the gift he participated in.

Once you claim you will receive the Gift within 24 Hour

After clicking on the claim you shall see a claim form where you need to fill in the details required, our team will contact you to confirm the details and an email will be sent to you with the gift voucher within 24hours. If it’s a gadget or a gift that needs to be sent to the user’s address then it will take 5-7 days depending on the destination.

Download the latest version of the app here and enjoy these exciting features to play big and win big.