“Happy to use my Cricket Knowledge productively”


Ramakant Sadanand is a cricket enthusiast, who is working as a banker in Mumbai. During the 2019 World Cup, he decided to put his cricket knowledge to use and searched for best fantasy sports platforms. He found HalaPlay, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The banker-fantasy cricket player has won more than ₹15 lakhs so far. How did Ramakant (known as sunita65 on HalaPlay) turn his passion into money? And what did he do differently from other fantasy sports players? He discusses everything in a chat with us.

How did you come across HalaPlay? And what made you choose it ahead of other fantasy sports platforms?

It was during the 2019 cricket World Cup I started playing on the platform. I got to know about HalaPlay through a video I saw on a social media platform. Also, I found the HalaPlay app when I searched for the best fantasy cricket apps.

There are various reasons for choosing HalaPlay. First, the platform fee – it’s the lowest when compared to any other fantasy sports platform. Second is the VIP Pass. I am a 3 Month VIP Pass holder, and from my experience, it is very useful for people who play regularly. The VIP Pass also helps you increase your winnings. The third is the app and the points system. The app is very user-friendly, and the points system is very easy to understand.

Do you have any preferred Leagues on the platform?

I like the 3 Players 1 Champion leagues as I want to win big and play little safe. There is less competition in these leagues, and you can earn more. I also play H2H leagues sometimes.

Toss can turn out to be very crucial in cricket. Does it play a huge role while making your team?

It does! Who is going to bat first, or which batsman will score the most runs in the match? Also, the ground, playing pitch, and even weather comes into consideration. All these things matter.

Research is important in fantasy sports. What kind of research or analysis do you do while making your team?

I usually collect all the players and match-related data, and I analyse it for choosing the best players for my team. I also follow many pages and channels on social platforms to keep myself updated on the latest trends. But when it comes to research and analysis, I don’t depend on anyone.

What criteria have you set while choosing the captain?

Recent performances of a player influence my decision while choosing the captain. It could be an all-rounder or a batsman, mostly an opener. Rarely, I select a bowler as the captain.

Do you have a different strategy for all the formats (T20, ODI, and Test) of the game?

Definitely! Strategies change according to format. The points system, too, matters a lot. It’s easy to rely on batsmen in Tests, while all-rounders are likely to get more points in T20 cricket.

How do you find the motivation to keep playing on HalaPlay?

Earning money from my knowledge is the biggest motivation to play on HalaPlay. I feel happy when I use my knowledge and skills productively. Also, the user-friendly nature of the platform motivates me further.

Do you also play fantasy cricket against your friends and family?

I have suggested the HalaPlay app to so many of my friends, and they enjoy playing on the platform. Though, I usually play against random fantasy cricket players.

Have you tried playing HalaPlay Quiz?

Yes! I think it’s an interesting game to keep everyone occupied. Initially, I started with the Maths category as it is my favourite.

Do you have any tips for new fantasy sports players?

Avoid random team selection. Do proper research and analysis, and choose your team accordingly. Also, play with a small amount until you understand the points system and the game.

Best wishes, Ramakant, and keep playing on HalaPlay.


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