“Planning to Start Business with My HalaPlay Winnings”


Cricket is the most popular sport in India, and the passionate fans know every single stat of their favourite players. The launch of fantasy cricket has helped the fans to put their in-depth cricket knowledge to the test. And for Shubham Jain (known as royalplayer11 on HalaPlay), a fantasy sports player, it has been a rewarding experience.

Shubham Jain, who is a Chartered Accountant from Aurangabad, opens up about his love for HalaPlay and the strategies that helped him to win ₹67 lakhs on the platform so far.

How did you come across HalaPlay?

It was in April last year I started playing on HalaPlay, and it was the unique points system that attracted me to the platform. And it is why I enjoy playing on HalaPlay. Also, awarding double points only for the captain is great. It makes everything easier and very less confusing.

Research plays a vital role in team selection. What factors do you keep in mind while picking the squad?

First and foremost, what is the format? Is it a T20 or a Test match? Then the pitch, average strike rate of batsmen, which team is playing home, etc. Depending on the strength of teams, I pick the number of players from both sides. I believe the HalaPlay scoring system favour batsmen in T20s, bowlers in Test matches.

What is your strategy while selecting the captain?

My captain selection depends on the format of the game. I prefer all-rounders or batsmen in ODIs, all-rounders or bowlers in Test cricket, and while in T20s, I pick either a batsman or an all-rounder.

Do you have a different game-plan for all the formats?

Format, consistency, and impact are the things I keep in mind before selecting a player. E.g., Chris Lynn may not be consistent enough, but he can make a big impact in a match. I prefer to pick top-order players as they are most likely to score the most of the runs.

If a match is likely to be affected by rain, I pack my team with top-order batsmen from both sides and bowlers who would get the most overs. During T20s, I will only invest if I am confident about my team formation.

How do you invest your money in different matches?

I don’t put all my money in one match. And even if I lose a match, I don’t panic as I use the investment to win it back slowly.

What have you done with your HalaPlay winnings? 

I have given my HalaPlay winnings to my family whenever they needed money. Also, I am planning to save all my winnings to start a business.

Do you follow any specific social media pages or YouTube channels to get tips for making your team?

I follow a few pages on various social media platforms and YouTube channels to get updated on the latest happenings in the world of sport. But when it comes to team selection, I trust my research and analysis.

How do you rate fellow fantasy sports players on the platform?

I appreciate their skills and also their knowledge of the game. Many of them are creating good teams. Also, they take a risk by investing more and manage to win most of the times, which is commendable.

Is there a specific feature that you like on HalaPlay?

I love that the platform provides the playing 11 of both teams before the deadline. HalaPlay provides lineup before any other fantasy platform. I have seen other platforms making changes at the last minute, but HalaPlay has always provided accurate data and that too on time.

Any advice to new fantasy sports players?

If I am new to the platform, I will play with a small amount until I understand the point system completely. I wouldn’t be disheartened if I lose a few matches and wouldn’t invest big out of frustration. Also, playing H2H leagues will help, and with every match, you will get better.

Best wishes, Shubham, and keep playing on HalaPlay.