HalaPlay Quiz – Win Upto ₹1 Lakh Daily


Do you have a sharp cricket memory? How well do you know Bollywood? How good is your general knowledge? It’s your chance to test it all in our new HalaPlay Quiz and win upto ₹1 Lakh daily. HalaPlay Quiz is a real-time multiplayer online game where two people contest against each other, and the person who gets the most points is declared the winner.


1) To start playing the HalaPlay quiz, download the latest version of the HalaPlay appv13.0.0

2) Once you have updated the HalaPlay app, go to MORE on ARENA & click on QUIZ. If you wish to update your HalaPlay profile picture, click on the SOCIAL tab on the app.  

HalaPlay Quiz

3) You can select from a wide variety of topics – Cricket, Bollywood, Maths, General Knowledge, Indian Sports & Indian History, or a Mix of all topics. Once you have clicked on the topic, choose the amount you wish to Play- FREE₹10₹50₹100₹1000₹5000.

HalaPlay Quiz options

Win from ₹18 to ₹9000

4) After selecting the amount you wish to play for, choose the language you prefer to play the Quiz – English or Hindi

Hello or नमस्ते ?

5) The system will then randomly pick your Opponent.

HalPlay Quiz searching players

HalaPlay Quiz match up

6) The Quiz begins! A game consists of six questions, and for every question, there will be four options. The points are given based on the correct answer, and there are extra points for giving the correct answer quicklyThere are no negative points for wrong answers. Here are the detailed scoring rules:HalaPlay Quiz scoring rules

HalaPlay Quiz Question

HalaPlay picture quiz

7)  Green colour indicates Correct answer, while Red indicates Wrong answer.

HalaPlay quiz correct answer

Correct ✔️

HalaPlay Quiz wrong answer

Wrong ❌





8) The person who scores the most points after the six questions is the Winner. If it is a tie, the prize money will be shared.

HalaPlay Quiz winner

You’re a Winner!

FAQ – HalaPlay Quiz

1) I am not a huge sports fan, but can I still play the HalaPlay Quiz?

Yes! You can select from topics like Bollywood, Maths, General Knowledge & Indian History.

2) What if I quit the app in the middle of a game?

If you leave or exit in the middle of a game, it will be deemed as forfeit and your opponent will be declared as the winner.

3) Can I play against my friend?

No! The system automatically picks your opponent based on the topic you have selected.

4) When will I receive the prize money?

Prize money will be credited in your HalaPlay account immediately.

5) Can I use my HalaPlay Bonus or HalaPlay VIP Pass?

Both Bonus and VIP Pass are not valid on HalaPlay Quiz.

The HalaPlay Quiz is currently available 
only on Android. It will be released in iOS soon.