“I Earn around ₹25,000 in almost Every Match”


The luck versus hard work debate has been going on for ages. A legendary golfer once said the harder he practiced, the luckier he became. What is the success mantra of top fantasy sports players? Some say its pure guesswork, while others believe its hard work.

We spoke to an ardent cricket fan who has won over ₹20 lakhs playing Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) on HalaPlay. So, is it just luck or fruits of labour? Read to know!

Hi! Tell us a little about yourself – where you grew up, and what else do you do apart from playing Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)?

Hi, my name is Akshay Patel, better known as akshaypatel7729 on HalaPlay. I was born into a middle-class family in Madhyapura, Gujarat, and my father is a farmer. I recently finished graduation in B.E. Mechanical Engineering.

 When did you start playing on HalaPlay?

I came to know about the platform from my friends. I was not an active player in the initial few days, but from IPL 2019 onwards, I started playing regularly.

You’ve have been playing for over a year on HalaPlay. Can you tell us the success or struggles you had while playing on the platform?

I was in college when I started playing on HalaPlay. So, naturally, striking a balance between attending lectures and playing fantasy sports was difficult. I tried to make teams for most of the matches on the platform, but a few times, I have missed out on morning matches due to the lectures.

I didn’t invest much in the beginning due to my lack of gameplay knowledge, and few times I ended up losing. But things changed over time, and I started investing more thanks to the experience gained. My first investment ₹2000 was borrowed from my mother, and now I earn around ₹25,000 in almost every match. I would invest all my winnings equally in different matches and increase the investment gradually according to the winnings.

Do you do in-depth research before every match?

A lot of research is needed to make the playing 11. I check all the records and past performances of the players. And, also keep updated on the latest social media trends and the latest happenings in cricket. I use all my research to create just one team and never make multiple teams in a match.

As you know, the competition is very intense in fantasy cricket, what strategies do you use to outfox fellow fantasy sports players?

I always give preference to all-rounders as you can’t rely on batsmen all the time. Also, I prefer to play Test matches and games between less fancied teams. There is less participation in those matches. I believe batsmen hold the advantage in ODIs, while bowlers are the key in T20s.

If you don’t win for two or three days straight, how do you find the motivation to keep playing? 

I have lost a lot of matches, and when I don’t win, I would watch a movie or play some sport to freshen up my mind. You won’t win every day, but that doesn’t stop me from playing. I analyse the mistakes and try to do a better job in the next match.

What have you done with your HalaPlay winnings?

HalaPlay winnings have helped me to support my family. I repaid my education loan, bought a laptop for myself, and manage my daily expenses with it.

How beneficial has been HalaPlay VIP Pass to you?

HalaPlay VIP Pass has been hugely beneficial for me. I have made big investments, and my winnings have increased.

Do you follow any pages in social media or channels to get tips for making your team?

I don’t follow any specific social media page or channel. I trust my research and analysis.

 Do you have any advice for new DFS players?

The key to making the team is following the matches and analysing every players’ performance. Also, learn from your mistakes, and don’t give up when you lose. It’s the experiences that made me a better fantasy sports player.

Best wishes, Akshay, and keep playing on HalaPlay.