“Saving HalaPlay Winnings to Visit Seven Wonders of World”


Anyone who has played cricket in their childhood would have dreamed of becoming a cricketer. But only a few make it big, while the rest become passionate fans of the sport. Things have changed since the arrival of fantasy sports, as every cricket fan has now become a player. They get the same adrenaline rush of a cricketer while playing fantasy cricket.

Gowtham, who has won ₹25 lakhs from VIP Pass, shares his HalaPlay success story.

Hi! Tell us a little about yourself – where you grew up, and what else do you do apart from playing Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)?

My name is Gowtham (better known as GSR1994), and I grew up in a small village in Karnataka. I am an avid sports fan and used to dream of becoming a sportsperson. Currently, I am working as a Software Engineer in Bangalore.

How did you come to know about HalaPlay?

I came to know about HalaPlay while searching for the best fantasy sports websites. I started playing on the platform from 2017, but I became a regular player in the last six months.

What is your strategy behind investing a high amount in a match?

I do not think about the number of points, or what will be my final ranking. I aim to make a good team and enjoy the match.

What keeps you motivated to play further after a loss?

I have been following sports since childhood. Fantasy sports is a game of skill, and I very well know my strength. I can come back and win any day after a loss.

What have you done with your HalaPlay winnings?

I am saving my winnings to visit the 7 Wonders of the world.

Which was the most memorable match or a day on HalaPlay?

My most memorable match is the Big Bash Melbourne derby between Stars and Renegades on 4th January 2020. I won all the contests which I joined.

Any particular features or leagues you like on HalaPlay?

I like the HalaPlay VIP Pass very much. A very less platform fee is charged and can win the maximum amount. I also enjoy Reverse fantasy, which is a unique feature of HalaPlay.

What made you choose 30 Day VIP Pass over daily 1 Day VIP Pass?

As I am a regular player, I buy 30 Day VIP Pass, which comes with a discount. It helps me to join the contests whenever I want and not to worry about renewing the pass daily.

What advice do you have for new DFS players?

My advice for them is, have patience and trust your skill as a fantasy player. If you have the skill, you can win on HalaPlay.

Do you have any message for your competitors?

Keep faith in your skills and abilities and, while playing, enjoy every moment of it.

Have you tried playing fantasy football on HalaPlay?

Yes! I am developing my football knowledge at the moment, and I would soon become a regular fantasy football player too.

Best wishes, Gowtham, and keep playing on HalaPlay.