Love for cricket has rewarded me with over ₹8 Lakh on HalaPlay


There’s no other love like the love of Indians for cricket. The cricketers are treated like heroes and people of all ages and gender passionately follow the sport. Though many other sports have established themselves in the country, the love for gentleman’s game has never dwindled.

Meanwhile, the introduction of Fantasy Cricket has helped the fanatics to mix passion with their skill – a platform to put their analytical skills to the test. Read the story of Swapnil Shrivastava, who plays Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) not for winnings but to experience the joys of the game.  

Tell us a little bit about yourself – where you grew up and what else you do apart from playing DFS?

My name is Swapnil Shrivastava, (better known as Berserk on HalaPlay). I’m from a small village in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh. I completed my masters from NIT Rourkela and am currently working in an MNC.

When did you start playing on HalaPlay? And how did you come to know about it?

I started playing on HalaPlay from May 2017. I came to know about the platform through an advertisement I saw in one of the social media platforms.

Tell us about your journey so far – the difficulties and success you had playing DFS at HalaPlay.

In the early days, I played with small amounts to understand the points system and scoring criteria. Once I had a good understanding of it, I increased my budget and started playing big Monster Leagues.

What kind of research goes behind while choosing players? Do you have a set of criteria?

I usually visit a few websites for player statistics and their performances against a team and at a particular ground. I also use Twitter to keep myself updated on the latest happenings in cricket. I prefer, most of the times, the past performances and consistency of the player and try to predict the score and outcome of the game to help make my team.

What is your strategy while choosing a captain for your team?

My captain choice generally depends on the format and the records between the teams playing. In T20s, I prefer a top-order batsman, while, in ODIs I pick a genuine all-rounder or a solid No. 3, and in Test matches the bowler who is likely to take the most wickets.

Which was your best day on HalaPlay, and what do you remember about it?

It is tough to single out one, but the first match of Women’s T20 Challenge on 6th May’19 between Trailblazers and Supernovas was one of the best. I won more than ₹80,000 by topping most of the Monster Leagues.

Can you name some of your favourite Leagues at HalaPlay?

I mostly prefer the Monster Leagues, and my favourites are ₹99 & ₹350 Leagues.

What advice do you have for new DFS players?

The first and foremost advice for newcomers on the platform would be to see fantasy sports as just a game and not as a primary source of income. Select those matches that you have enough confidence in.

Secondly, start playing with a small budget to get a grip of scoring criteria and preferred leagues. And, once you are comfortable, become a regular DFS player keeping the budget constant, and importantly, never getting greedy.

Is DFS a long-term thing for you?

Definitely! DFS is a long-term thing for me. More than the profit, playing in fantasy platform changes how I experience the game – making it much more intense and enjoyable. To enjoy the game & earn some money as well from it is a blessing for a cricket freak like me.

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