My HalaPlay Winnings in Fantasy Cricket will cross ₹12 Lakh soon


The Cricket World Cup has crossed the halfway mark. It’s crunch time for a few teams, while some have already said goodbye to their semifinal hopes. To leave empty-handed from England, after a four-year wait, could hurt teams which came with big ambitions. But those with experience on their side know they are just a few matches away from finding the feet again.   

Raj, a Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) player who takes a leaf out of MS Dhoni’s book while selecting his fantasy team, shares his DFS ups and downs and those strategies that made him a top fantasy player, having won around ₹12 Lakh playing Fantasy Cricket on HalaPlay.

Tell us a little bit about yourself – where you grew up, and what else you do apart from playing DFS?

My name is Raj, better known as VIRATCHAMP on HalaPlay. I’m a professional cricketer, based in Chennai. 

When did you start playing on HalaPlay? And how did you come to know about it?

I started playing on the platform in 2017. It was through social media that I came to know about HalaPlay.

What I loved about the platform is the option to change or pick your team after the toss and line-up announcement. 

Tell us about your DFS journey so far. 

I had my share of ups and downs playing DFS on the platform. It’s only natural that you won’t win all the time. The main thing is to come up with a perfect plan. 

What kind of research goes behind while choosing players?

I love the way MS Dhoni picks his players. He knows the worth of every player in the team and selects the playing 11 accordingly (e.g. he knows the quality of a player like Shane Watson). I try selecting players with a similar mindset.

What is your strategy while picking a captain for your team?

I always select players like Virat Kohli as my captain because they are serial run scorers in all the three formats. My sole criteria for the captaincy role is consistency.

Which was your best day on HalaPlay, and what do you remember about it?

I have had many memorable days on HalaPlay. The 2018 Natwest T20 series and IPL season has given me the most joy.

Our players have purchased cars, cameras, phones with the money they have won. If you don’t mind, can you share what have you done with the winnings from HalaPlay?

I have used my winnings to purchase a laptop and mobile phones.

Can you name some of your favourite Leagues on HalaPlay?

The smaller leagues with entry fee 3999 & 599 are my favourite leagues on the platform.

Most of our DFS players use HalaPlay app. Can you share your experience playing on the app?

I enjoy playing DFS on the HalaPlay App as it’s simple and comforting. The Analysis option which shows a detailed break up of winnings, has been helpful for me.

As winning on DFS takes a lot of time and dedication, how do you balance your work life playing DFS?

It is difficult to find a balance between your work, personal life, and DFS. Some days when unplanned work comes, it’s worse. Nowadays, at the start of a tournament, I spend a lot of time on research and analysis.   

What advice do you have for new DFS players?

I would advice first-time players to grasp the scoring criteria and play with less amount in the initial days before you have got the knack of the game.

Do you want the DFS to be a long-term thing for you?

I consider DFS as a part-time job, so it’s going to be a long journey for me. 

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