My HalaPlay winnings of over ₹16 Lakh has made DFS a long term thing


There’s nothing like success, but the road towards it is not a straight one. Every champion, be it a sportsperson or a daily fantasy sports (DFS) player, would have gone through plenty of hardships to reach where they are now.

So, what motivates them? For Chirag, who has tasted great success playing Fantasy Cricket on HalaPlay, it’s his passion that played a vital role in making him a champion DFS player. Here’s the man himself sharing his journey on the platform with winnings of over ₹16 Lakh playing Fantasy Cricket.

Tell us a little bit about yourself – where you grew up and what else you do apart from playing Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)?

Hi, I am Chirag Garg, better known as Chiru93 on HalaPlay. I hail from Shamli, a city in UP, and I work in an IT company in Noida

When did you start playing on HalaPlay? And how did you come to know about it?

I started playing DFS on HalaPlay from 2017. A friend told me about it, and being a huge cricket fan, I immediately joined the platform.

Tell us about your HalaPlay journey so far

The journey of a DFS player is full of ups and downs. Some days you do very well, other days it doesn’t go your way. The most important trait a DFS player needs to have is ‘patience’.

What kind of preparation and research goes into choosing players for your team? Do you have a set of criteria for choosing players?

I look at many factors before picking my playing 11. The most important among all is the gut feeling. The format, whether it’s T20, ODI, or Test makes a difference while selecting players. Also, I research more about the pitch conditions, interesting stats about players, and their recent form.

What is your strategy while choosing a captain for your team?

In one-on-one leagues, I pick the most obvious choice for the captain. But in the Monster Leagues, I back those players who are not in form but can give you the maximum points on a given day. 

Which was your most memorable day on HalaPlay, and what do you remember about it?

The most memorable day for me was the Rajasthan Royals Vs Kings XI Punjab match in IPL 2018. I won around ₹40,000 from one of the Monster leagues, investing only around ₹2000

Our players have purchased cars, cameras, and phones with the money they have won. If you don’t mind, can you share what you did with the earnings from HalaPlay?

I used the winnings to travel, Goa, Leh, Ladakh being few of the places in the list. 

Can you name some of your favourite Leagues on HalaPlay?

My all-time favourite League is the Mile High Club. But nowadays I prefer playing in H2H leagues because of the exclusive feature of 0% platform fee in those leagues, only on HalaPlay. 

Most of our DFS players use HalaPlay app. Can you share your experience playing via app?

When I started playing on the app, it was a bit slower on the performance side. But the recent updates have made the app fabulous. The new users will find it very easy and comfortable.

As winning DFS takes a lot of time and dedication, how do you balance your work life with playing DFS?

Personally speaking, playing DFS is no extra effort for me. If you love cricket, you are going to follow the sport. I think it as a reward for following your passion.

What advice do you have for new DFS players?

Fix your playing budget and don’t go beyond that. Do a proper player, team, conditions analysis before locking your playing 11. And most importantly, make use of the various bonuses that are given by HalaPlay from time to time. They are very much exciting.

Do you want DFS to be a long-term thing for you?

Definitely! DFS is a long-term thing for me. It gives that extra income everyone loves to earn.

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