My Fantasy Cricket Winnings are over ₹4 Lakh


Fantasy Cricket has surely emerged as one of the best pastimes, this we have seen and discussed umpteen number of times but who would have thought that it has the potential to become a recreation activity for the entire family. Well, however hard to believe it, the fact is undeniable that Fantasy Cricket has become a household name and so families playing together doesn’t sound like a far fetch thing.

We’re introducing you to someone who has made us aware of this astonishing happening, he started playing alone but now is also joined by his wife and accompanied by his daughter. He has been a regular player on HalaPlay for a long-long time now, has won over ₹4 Lakh playing Fantasy Cricket on the platform. Read out the article to know more about his journey and some really insightful facts shared by him that can surely bring a massive change in your game and strategies.

Here it goes!

Please do describe yourself to our readers. Where you grew up, what are you pursuing currently and what you did before playing Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)?

My name is Ashish Kumar Rana, (known by the name ashu0007 on HalaPlay). I finished my schooling from a Government school in Dakpathar Dehradun, and am currently running a toys cosmetic shop physically. I’m married and even my wife Manisha Rana is a credible Fantasy Sports player, she supports and helps me a lot in it.

When did you start playing on HalaPlay and what was your introduction to it?

I started playing on the platform around 2 years back. I’m a huge fan of Cricket and while searching for new platforms in Fantasy Cricket I came across HalaPlay.

How has your DFS journey been till now? Tell us about few of your struggles and successes.

I believe your performance in Daily Fantasy Sports depends on multiple factors, if I’ve to divide the contribution of those then I’d say that it’s 50% hard work, 30% passion and 20% luck.

In my early days, I had lost around ₹15,000 in like 5 days, it was such a setback that I thought I’ll never ever play Fantasy Cricket again but then the very next day I spent the remaining amount (₹150) in my HalaPlay account also and that’s when the miracle happened. I came 1st in the league and won ₹10,000.

What is the criteria for choosing players (Current form, past records etc.)?
First priority is always given to the in-form players and the match winners like Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli, AB De Villiers etc. I also look for players who have failed for like 5 continuous appearances and match conditions like pitch report.
What is it that you generally look for in a player to be the Captain of your team?
I mostly go with an Opening batsman for the Captain position.
Which leagues are your favourite on HalaPlay?
My all time favourite is the ₹99 entry fee Monster. The size of this league isn’t too large so probability of winning here is higher than that in other Monster leagues.
Which was your best day on HalaPlay and what do you remember about it?
When I had won ₹15,000 in an India Vs Australia match. It was majorly because of Kuldeep Yadav, as he took a hat-trick.
How has your experience been with the Season Passes and what is it that you like the most about them?
I just love Season Pass feature on HalaPlay. I’ve played Fantasy Sports on more than 20 platforms overall but I strongly feel that HalaPlay is one of the best, especially for the new players because of their so many unique features, season passes being one of them, lineups declaration being the other and then the list goes on.
We see that you have played both Fantasy Cricket & Fantasy Football, how would you rate them in terms of excitement and competitiveness?
I have always loved Cricket, just like billion other people in our country. So Fantasy Cricket has always been my first priority without a doubt and therefore I make a team and play almost every Cricket match. As far as Fantasy Football is concerned, since I don’t have required knowledge of the game I don’t really win in any of the matches.
What advice would you offer to a player new to DFS in terms of strategy?

Keep it simple, don’t worry a lot in the early days. Make at least 3 teams for the big leagues, stick to your team and selected players if they are in the playing XI.

Just believe yourself and don’t keep changing the team after the toss because everyone tends to get restless once Lineup is out, that is the time when one should avoid panicking.

Do you want DFS to be a long-term thing for you?

I satisfy my needs and desires from the winnings gathered from playing Fantasy Cricket on HalaPlay. I want to definitely continue the trend as it’s really pleasing and satisfying.

Daily Fantasy Sports is an amazing venture which doesn’t require a specific qualification or a big investment and still you can garner some amazing profits.

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