Have won over ₹4 Lakh playing Fantasy Cricket & Fantasy Football


Fantasy Cricket has surely changed the lifestyle of many but we cannot deny the fact that even Fantasy Football is now pacing up as far as the excitement and participation is concerned. The craze for Fantasy Football is on the rise and even players are gradually realising its potential. It’d be interesting to see how the participation segments amongst the two games in the coming time but as of now we’re seeing Fantasy Sports players trying to encash the maximum possible from both.

We are introducing you to one of our very old user, who has been playing on HalaPlay for over an year now, has won ₹4 Lakh playing both Fantasy Cricket & Fantasy Football on the platform. Let us take you through a brief discussion our team had with him where he shared few highlights from his journey. Here it goes!

Please do describe yourself to our readers. Where you grew up, what are you pursuing currently and what you did before playing Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)?

My name is Sumon Mondal (known by the name TIGER on HalaPlay). I’m a student and a big Sports Lover, love to watch almost every sport. Before Fantasy Sports, I was just busy with studies and used to play Cricket.
When did you start playing on HalaPlay and what was your introduction to it?
I starter playing on HalaPlay sometime in 2017, one of my good friends had introduced it to me.
How has your DFS journey been till now? Tell us about few of your struggles and successes.
Fantasy Sports is full of ups and downs. It’s a ride with wins and losses occurring at regular intervals so you should be capable to accept the defeats that come your way and able to very soon transform the learnings into big successes.
What kind of preparation and research goes behind drafting the teams?
The regular preparation comes first i.e. analysing players’ recent performances, which of the two teams have performed better lately. After that I also check the consistency of players and make a norm of giving the consistent players priority over others. The scoring criteria of HalaPlay in the games and different format also plays a vital role in drafting the best combination.
What is it that you generally look for in a player to be the Captain of your team?
I choose my captain depending on the league I’m playing in. For small leagues, I pick a player who is in good touch and has high chances of performing well whereas for the grand leagues, I’d be comfortable in taking risks because that is where you need to come up with the best combination possible and hence a unique approach goes a long way.
Which was your best day on HalaPlay and what do you remember about it?
For me I’d say the starting days on HalaPlay were the best because that was the time when I used to win a lot of grand leagues in Fantasy Football. Those were the days when I gained the maximum, due to less participation.
Which leagues are your favourite on HalaPlay?
All the 16 Grand Leagues with big amount as payout for the 1st prize in Fantasy Football are my favourite and most preferred.
What advice would you offer to a player new to DFS in terms of strategy?
It’s an immensely competitive world of Fantasy Sports players so don’t worry about the results right after you begin playing. Give time, keep playing, work hard and be positive and you’ll surely succeed.
Do you want DFS to be a long-term thing for you?
Yes that is something that goes without saying and since HalaPlay has played such a big role, I’d continue playing Fantasy Cricket & Fantasy Football on it in the long run.

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