My Fantasy Cricket Winnings have exceeded ₹5 Lakh


Fantasy Cricket has emerged as a blessing for thousands of competitive and devoted Fantasy Sports players across the globe. It has created a different level of excitement amongst the sports lovers. There have been numerous cases that we keep seeing quite regularly as to how massively the lifestyle has changed for a big pool of players. The impact is truly heartwarming because of the rewards and takeaways that come along.

Meet one of our very old and regular user, he has been playing Fantasy Sports on the platform for over an year now, his achievements have gone beyond the roof, has won over ₹5 Lakh in Fantasy Cricket. We took his interview to know what exactly does it take to set the foot in the fierce competition that exists in the wide user base of Daily Fantasy Sports (or DFS as we call it usually).

Read out the article to know his opinion on the above take and some interesting responses related to the game tactics.

Please do describe yourself to our readers. Where you grew up, what are you pursuing currently and what you did before playing Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)?

I am Dilip Khatik (known as 1stwin on HalaPlay) from Udaipur, Rajasthan and currently studying M.Sc from Computer Science in B.N. College, Udaipur. 
When did you start playing on HalaPlay and what was your introduction to it?
I have been playing on HalaPlay since December 2017, it’s been a long and memorable journey as I look back now. Honestly speaking HalaPlay gives the best experience in Fantasy Sports compared to any other site.
I came across the platform through an online channel and that’s how it all began. Still remember my first winning, of ₹10000 in ₹50 entry fee league, it was an awesome feeling. 
How has your DFS journey been till now? Tell us about few of your struggles and successes.
I play Fantasy Cricket on HalaPlay on a daily basis. The journey has just been like an amusement park ride, full of ups and downs but then I try to recover whenever the losses overtake. It used to be a mix of loss and profit but I’m running in profits now and this has been a consistent source of income for my daily spend for quite sometime. 
What kind of preparation and research goes behind drafting the teams?
First set of things that need to be researched on are the pitch conditions and toss result. After that I look for previous match statistics and every player’s past records on that ground. All the important informations is usually gathered from the top Fantasy Sports Youtube channels available.
How do you pick the players? What factors do you generally consider?
I have few priorities for selecting the players and go with the same trend in most situations, the current form of players, their batting order, fast hitting batsman, opening and death over bowlers. For me these are the best ingredients to form the best combination.
What is it that you generally look for in a player to be the Captain of your team?
It depends on the format of the game. Like for T20 cricket, I choose a top order batsman. For ODIs, I generally go with an All Rounder or a top order batsman and in Test cricket, I prefer a spinner or a fast bowler depending on the pitch.
Which was your best day on HalaPlay and what do you remember about it?
This happened on 3rd January last year (i.e. 2018) when I played a league of entry fee ₹50 in a Big Bash T20 match and got the 1st price. 
Which leagues are your favourite on HalaPlay?
As per my big winnings mentioned before, I’d say the league of entry fee ₹350 has been my all time favourite. This is one mantra I’d like to share with all the fantasy cricket players out there, that choose the less competitive leagues so it’s easier to win, comparatively. 
What advice would you offer to a player new to DFS in terms of strategy?
There can be several things that can be told to a newbie so he can adapt comfortably. For instance, choose players on current form (priority to be given for upper batting order batsmen), pick opening and death over bowlersmake your teams after analysing the pitch past records, invest your money wisely and last but certainly not the least, play only 3-4 matches per day, that’s enough to win on a regular basis.
Where do you see yourself down the road in regards to DFS? Do you want there to be a long-term thing for you?
It’s a sure shot long term thing, quite evident looking at the journey I’ve lived and the achievements that have come along. HalaPlay has played a big role in this, so I plan to continue playing DFS only here, and nowhere else.

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