Have won over ₹13 Lakh in Fantasy Cricket within 7 months


Wholehearted efforts and genuineness can prove to be quite impactful and can take you to great heights and hence are the necessary prerequisites to be successful in every endeavour of life. We have been witnessing stories of users who have brought a massive change in their daily life (and lifestyle) by just giving their all in the competitive environment of Fantasy Cricket. Their journey has been remarkable and the results heartwarming and truly cherishable.

For instance one of our regular users, who not just started from scratch (like all of us), but also with very minimal knowledge of Sports. His strong will and sincere efforts showed results in no time and made him win over ₹13 Lakh (in just 7 months) playing Fantasy Cricket on HalaPlay. Our team got in touch with him to know more about his decision making skills and the glorious stint it has been for him playing Fantasy Sports on the platform.

Here it goes!

Please do describe yourself to our readers. Where you grew up, what are you pursuing currently and what you did before playing Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)?

My name is Devesh Arya, play by the name DEVE1977 on HalaPlay. I grew up in a middle class family in Patna Bihar. I finished my schooling from Patna itself. Currently, I’m running my own cable business.
How did you come across HalaPlay and when did you start playing on it?
I started playing on HalaPlay around mid of last year (i.e. 2018). Few online advertisements enticed me to join the platform.
How has your DFS journey been till now? Tell us about few of your struggles and successes.
Before telling you about my Fantasy Sports journey I’d like to share something about myself. I’m a kind of person who usually has no fear of failure, and puts all the efforts in every endeavour of life. I always loved sports but wasn’t really good in it so used to face serious problems while choosing players in the initial days, but then day-by-day, I started analysing the important things like match conditions, players’ performance, pitch report, etc.
Gradually, I witnessed differences and noticeable improvements in my game and now is the time when I can accept that my proficiency level in Fantasy Cricket is above average and easily call myself ‘an avid Fantasy Sports player’.
What kind of preparation and research goes behind drafting the teams?
I spend around 2-3 hours (on an average) for the preparation before the start of any match. In preparation, I study the players’ past performance, pitch report, stats about things like ‘consistent scorers on a particular ground’, ‘performance against the specific opposition’. Using all these pointers I draft the bet possible combination and ensure that my teams are ready an hour before the match starts. I have been doing this for quite sometime so it has become a comfortable task for me now.
How do you pick the players? What factors do you generally consider?
As mentioned earlier, I pick each and every player based on their past records, current form, performance on the particular ground and against the specific opposition.
What is it that you generally look for in a player to be the Captain of your team?
The major criteria I go for here is the pitch condition. If pitch is favourable for batsmen then I choose a batsman as the captain and if it’s the other way round then a bowler is preferred for the captain position.
Which was your best day on HalaPlay? What is it that keeps reminding you about it?
One fine day, I won around ₹50,000 by just investing ₹199. Till date that has been the best day of my journey in Fantasy Cricket and I feel proud of my strategy making, tactic and analysing power.
We see that you have played both Fantasy Cricket & Fantasy Football, how would you rate them in terms of excitement and competitiveness?
That’s kind of a rhetorical question I believe, to be very honest. We are all aware of the Love for the game Cricket in our country, the thrill and excitement for it is not comparable to that of any sport out there. I guess that answers the question.
What advice would you offer to a player new to DFS in terms of strategy?
The best suggestion I can give them is, “Just give your 100% in it, be sincere and surely your learning and winnings will grow proportionately”.
This is true for any field for that matter, sounds pretty simple but is an important mantra to be successful in any field you pursue, in life.
Where do you see yourself down the road in regards to DFS? Do you want there to be a long-term thing for you?
Frankly speaking, it is a part of my life now. It motivates me to fight each and every day, the regular excitement is very essential to lead a happy life and I get that from Fantasy Cricket so yes undoubtedly, this is going to be a long term thing for me.  

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