Investing my knowledge made me earn over ₹7 Lakh in Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy Cricket is perceived as a pastime by many but very few are aware of its full potential and the impact it can create in your daily life. It is hard to believe but there are considerable people who have improved their livelihood by playing and excelling in Fantasy Sports on a day-to-day basis. All of this sounds fancy but we have an appropriate example to validate the same.
Let us introduce you to the Case in Point, he is one of the elite users of HalaPlay, having won over ₹7 Lakh playing Fantasy Cricket on the platform. Read on to know his story and the journey it has been for him in the world of Fantasy Sports till now.
Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where you grew up, went to school, what you did before Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)?
My name is Saurabh Kumar (known by the name Skjaat on HalaPlay). I belong to Bulandshahr, a town in Uttar Pradesh and I have completed all my education from there. Currently, I’m working in ICICI bank.
When did you start playing on HalaPlay and how were you introduced to it?
It has been over an year now since I started playing on HalaPlay. Before this, I used to play on other platforms but could rarely win so one of my friends suggested me to play on HalaPlay and it has been quite satisfactory since I’m winning good amount regularly.
Tell us a bit about your Daily Fantasy journey. The struggles you had and successes.
I started playing Fantasy Sports for fun and enjoyment but then it was difficult for me to win because of the casual approach. But once I started playing it seriously with all the research and analysis of the players and match conditions is when I noticed a positive change and saw myself winning quite smoothly and easily.
What is the criteria for choosing players (Current form, past records etc.)?
My mantra is straightforward, don’t see the past records and focus more on the current form and present match conditions, where they are playing, etc. Based on this I draft my teams for almost every match.
What is your strategy while choosing a captain for the team?
I mostly go for a top order batsman or death bowlers as the captain for my team. Sometimes, I prefer choosing an all rounder if his stats look really promising.
Which leagues are your favourite on HalaPlay?
The small leagues of entry fee namely ₹350, ₹999, ₹1999 and ₹3999 are my favourite ones as I’ve noticed that the profit received in them is much more higher compared to any of the remaining leagues.
Which was your best day on HalaPlay and what do you remember about it?
It was an IPL 2018 match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Delhi Daredevils when I had won in almost all the leagues, got the first rank in most of them, it was around ₹1 Lakh that I had gathered from a single match on that day. Shikhar Dhawan was my captain and as far as I remember he scored some 90 odd runs. It was the happiest day of my journey in Fantasy Cricket.
How does your strategy change depending on match format (Test, T20, ODI)?
It does not change much for me as I prefer more bowlers than batsmen in my team regardless of any format because I believe bowlers have so many chances to give you fantasy points whereas if a batsman gets out early then there is no chance he can give any.
Seeing that earning through DFS takes a lot of time and dedication, how do you balance your work life with playing DFS?
I don’t have any issue as far as time is concerned. That’s because the spent on the research is very minimal for me as I refer the playing XI quite sincerely for drafting the teams and since I’m watching every single match since 2003 I think I have good amount of knowledge of the players past performance. I do check the venue and the pitch conditions for a particular match and thats it, hence, I don’t face any problem related to time management.
If you had one piece of advice to offer to a player new to DFS in terms of strategy, what would it be and why?
Never get greedy after winning, play the same leagues with same investment in every match till the time you learn the art of winning. Don’t be in the hurry of jumping into grand leagues all the time, first try to play small leagues with less players because there is minimal competition and so the winning chances are high. Most important play every match as a normal match, don’t get emotional for any particular match (like India Vs Pakistan). Don’t forget, no one can win in every single match, one just needs to be confident, even if you are losing for sometime you can still recover it anytime in just 2-3 matches.
Where do you see yourself down the road in regards to DFS? Do you want it to be a long-term thing for you?
It has become my second main source of income and I will be getting married soon so I have certain important purchases to be done before that. For fulfilling all these needs I need to keep playing and start earning big amount on a regular basis as compared to the current scenario.
So there is no doubt that Fantasy Sports and HalaPlay would be a long term thing for me irrespective of my full time commitments in the future.

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