Gameplay changes October 2018


Following new features are introduced related to the gameplay.

  • Extension of league closing deadline – Matches get delayed in cricket due to rain or any other reason. HalaPlay will be notifying users regarding possible extension of league closing time in such matches by providing “Extension possible” message for individual match in arena. Matches which have “Extension possible” will be extended till actual match starts in case of any delay. Matches which have “No extension” message will not be extended even if actual match start gets delayed due to any reason. This feature is only for cricket matches.

  • Lineup availability – In such matches where “No lineups by HalaPlay is listed on individual match card in arena, HalaPlay will not be able to provide lineups and users are expected to do their own research regarding possible starting XI. Note – HalaPlay provides lineup for 95% matches across cricket/football/kabaddi.

  • Instant Referral bonus release – As soon as your friend joins any paid league on HalaPlay, referral bonus will be released into your account. Your friend can only use referral code during signup on HalaPlay’s android and iOS apps.


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