My earnings reached nearly ₹5 Lakh playing Fantasy Sports

The impact created by Fantasy Cricket is certainly immense and it has surely brought a huge change in our perspective for the game Cricket and the way we look at it. It has also increased the internet adoption in the masses, the number of users surfing online (for doing all sorts of research and analysis) has gone to another level. The changes are very positive and it has very much to do with the fact that people perceive Fantasy Sports as not just a hobby but also a very genuine source of part time income.
We have seen numerous cases in the past where users have acknowledged the fact and also narrated their story as to how Fantasy Sports helps them in their living and meet the regular expenses. Let us take you through another inspiring story of one our of our elite users who just followed his passion and optimised the daily time spent on Internet and with that he managed to earn nearly ₹5 Lakh playing all games in Fantasy Sports available on HalaPlay.
Read on to know some helpful insights and interesting responses shared with us. Here it goes!
Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where you grew up, went to school, what you did before Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)?
I am Parvez Khan (Username: parvez) from Ghaziabad, UP. I am a BCA graduate preparing for SSC exam. I completed my education from Ghaziabad itself.
When did you start playing on HalaPlay and how were you introduced to it?
I started playing on HalaPlay around 6 months back when one of my friends referred it to me.
Tell us a bit about your Daily Fantasy journey. The struggles you had and successes.
My journey in Fantasy Sports began around an year ago when I started playing on other sites. Within 6 months of time, I suffered a loss of around ₹50,000 so I was completely frustrated and shattered.
Then I moved to HalaPlay and it changed my perception of Fantasy Sports. In 2 months time I made a profit of nearly ₹50,000 from playing just Fantasy Football.
After that, I moved to Fantasy Cricket. In the beginning, my profits from Fantasy Cricket were incredibly high but then due to few bad matches I lost quite a lot of that in a dramatic way. Recently, I have started playing Fantasy Kabaddi as well, in Pro kabaddi 2018.
What is the criteria for choosing players (Current form, past records etc.)?
I mostly go with current form of players in both Cricket & Football because I feel it matters the most. If the players are in form it is highly likely that they will give you Fantasy points in 2 out of 3 matches.
What is your strategy while choosing a captain for the team, for Cricket & Football?
In football, I generally appoint Central Defender of the stronger team as my team captain as he can yield me fantasy points in multiple ways beside scoring goals.
In cricket, my team captain depends on the format and the strength of two teams clashing. In T20, I go with top order batsman as the captain, in ODI a number 3 batsman or a genuine all-rounder, and in Test matches, I appoint a strike bowler as the captain.
What kind of football matches you prefer playing the most (International tournaments, Big Club leagues, Domestic leagues) & why?
I generally prefer playing International tournaments and big club leagues as they are most exciting to watch and profitable to play.
Which leagues are your favourite on HalaPlay?
My favourite ones are 3 Players 1 Champion & 4 Players 1 Champion, besides ₹350 Monster & the newly added ₹199 Monster league that gives ₹1 Lakh or ₹50,000 to 1st rank.
Which was your best day on HalaPlay and what do you remember about it?
My best day on HalaPlay as far as I remember was an IPL 2018 match in which Kl Rahul was my captain and I got profit of around ₹30,000 in that match.
How does your strategy change depending on match format (Test, T20, ODI)?
Different formats require different strategies, that’s the key to success in Fantasy Cricket. In T20, I select top order batsmen and all rounders but you can’t have the same tactic for ODI & Test Cricket because in these two formats, I personally believe bowlers and middle order batsmen are of more use.
If you had one piece of advice to offer to a player new to DFS in terms of strategy, what would it be and why?
Start your Fantasy Sports journey with relatively low budget and increase it as you garner experience, confidence and profits with time. Don’t drop your players in the subsequent matches due to poor performance in previous match, otherwise you might end up losing in the next match too. You need to believe in yourself and your team.
Where do you see yourself down the road in regards to DFS? Do you want it to be a long-term thing for you?
See I primarily run my Affiliate Program of Flipkart, Amazon and other sites, so quite often I am online. And at the same time, I do research and analysis of players stats for the match I’m interested in playing. Hence, it doesn’t hinder my daily life as much and doesn’t really affect my plans as well. It’s taking my regular income to an another level so I will definitely play it regularly and continue doing the same in the long run also.

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