๐Ÿ”” Important GamePlay Changes ๐Ÿ””


Following changes which will be in effect from 11th June 2018 –

  • Lineup declaration will be informed earlier to users in matchcenter below each match card. Two cases will be listed :
    1. Lineups might not be provided – In these matches, lineups will not be provided in most cases as authenticity of lineups is not guaranteed. Users are expected to do their research about playing XI. Lineup will only be provided if HalaPlay is guaranteed of the player starting the match
    2. Lineups might be provided – In these matches, lineups will be provided in most cases as we verify authenticity of lineups from various sources. [Reason for this change is that there is no authenticity to lineups available online for various matches and we can not guarantee 100% about lineups available online for such matches]
  • No timeline will be extended post match official timing. In case of delay due to any circumstances (eg. rain delay), leagues will close as per match official start timing. Example – If a match is scheduled to start at 8PM and there is rain delay, our leagues will close at exact 8PM.
    [Reason for this change is that many users are not able to edit their teams in extended deadline matches and to be fair to everyone league close timings are fixed and wont be extended ]
  • If there is any change in lineup post lineup declaration by official teams(player was declared first in starting lineup but was later replaced due to last minute injury or any such reason), no refund will be possible since these are unavoidable circumstances.
  • If lineup declared by HalaPlay was in-correct (only such cases where team did not make any forced change post lineup declaration and player listed by HalaPlay was never included in lineups), match will be cancelled and entry fee will be refunded.


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