Stay Aware & Beware of Fraud


Fraud is a real and growing problem for companies of all kinds and sizes. We don’t generally realise but quite often many websites become a target for fraudsters. 

Recently we came across few cases where some users pointed it out that they reached out to us through our customer care helpline numbers. This is shocking because as of now HalaPlay does not have any official customer care number as such. All the required communication that generally happens between a customer and the company is via email. 
So we urge all our users to be aware of this situation and be very careful in-case incidents of such nature happen in the future. 
Please be advised that there are number of Customer Care numbers online for HalaPlay, like 09102253797, 8877750836 7478897537 and as mentioned, HalaPlay currently does not have an official Customer Care number. These numbers belong to fraudsters looking to get your personal details and scam you.
HalaPlay will never ask for your Password, Card Details, CVV number, Expiry Date or OTP. Please do not share these details over any media – Mail or Call.
There is nothing to worry, just need to be extra careful while dealing with anything of that sort. 
For any issues or queries, kindly visit the ‘Need Help’ section on the latest HalaPlay App and get your query resolved. halaplay customer support
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