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Indian T20 Carnival Season Passes are introduced. Season Pass is a unique offering by HalaPlay to reward its users to play a whole season/tournament with giveaways like Free entries, Entry with more Bonus money, discounts in entry fee & Halaplay merchandises.

IPL 2018 Season Passes

Indian T20 Carnival Season Passes

Keeping in mind the requirements and feedback form various players this time we have few changes to the passes so that you can enjoy them for the whole season.
We will try to answer a few common queries:

1. How can I buy a Season pass?
You can buy pass with bonus/deposit/winning balance or get it free by using the code for the pass while depositing the specified amount.
For e.g. You can buy Gold pass for ₹2000 with your winning/bonus/deposit balance or buy using the code IT202018GOLD when you deposit ₹8000 and get it for free.

2. Which Monster League will I get free entry?
You will get free entry in ₹50 Normal Monster league. For reverse free entry will be given in ₹25 monster league.

3. Which matches can I use my free entry?
You can use free entry in any match of the tournament. They need not be sequential matches. Even if you miss a match you can always use it another match.

4. What happens to my free entry if the league gets full?
If you have a Silver/gold season pass and the league gets full before the match gets then you can use the free entry in the next match. For Platinum and Diamond pass the free entry get lapsed as they already have 1 free entry in every match. So it is advised to enter the league as early as possible, you can always edit your team after the line-up are out.

5. What happens to the free entry if the game is abandoned?
In cases where you you use your free entry and the game is abandoned due to rain the free entry will get lapsed and no separate free entry will be given.

6. What do you mean by discount?
Discounts are an attractive feature of passes which let you save on entry fees paid. They are applicable in only user created leagues including H2Hs. To understand discount, consider this example
If you play a user created league of 1000 and you have a diamond pass, then you will have to pay only ₹900 only to enter the league. Thus, a total saving of ₹100 in just one league.
So, if you like to play h2hs and user create leagues they will be beneficial to you.

7. What will be the change in bonus percentage?
As you know by now that you can pay 20% of entry in all HalaPlay created leagues by Bonus money. This percentage will change if you buy a pass. For eg if you purchase a Diamond pass this percentage can double to 40%. So for entering a league of ₹100 you can now pay it with ₹40 bonus instead of the earlier ₹20.

8. Can I buy the same pass twice?
Yes, you can buy it whenever you like.

9. Will my remaining free entries get added to the next pass if I upgrade in between?
No, once a pass is upgraded old entries will be lost and new set of entries will be there only.

10. How will I benefit from season pass?
Season passes are beneficial for everyone. Like a silver season pass worth ₹500 gives you free entries worth 1000 (20 entries*50).
Similarly in the gold pass (worth 2000) the free entries in monster league along amount to (30*50+ 25*30= ) ₹2250.

11. When and how will I get my HalaPlay merchandise?
Once the tournament is over we will contact all the eligible users and ask their details and courier it afterwards.

Hope that this answers all your queries. You can check the season pass page for more details. In case you have more queries please feel free to reach out to us.
Enjoy this annual cricketing festival of India and remember this season Play more save more!

Go through the details and buy the one that matches your needs and preferences. Check more details here.

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