Be a Community League Manager & Engage your followers

Now Host your own fanatsy leagues on HalaPlay and engage your community.
IPL 2018 is around the corner and we are making the fantasy sports game more social.
We are extending our current league manager programme and introducing a feature of Community Leagues where our affiliate partners can host their own fantasy leagues on their favourite fantasy platform.
From now, create your own leagues on HalaPlay, host them for your followers and engage your community.
To be the League Manager, just follow these simple steps:
1) Create a league of minimum 500 members
2) Join the league.
3) Invite and play with your community
The leagues you create will have some helpful features for all the players playing in it.
1) Players can enter with multiple teams
2) These leagues are confirmed
3) Players can play with winnings or deposit
4) These are normal Fantasy Leagues
Social Following by being League Manager on HalaPlay
We certainly believe that your followers are going to love your exclusive branded leagues.
This is a wonderful chance for you as well to –
1) Highlight your brand & increase visibility
2) Enhance the engagement & increase your brand awareness
3) Increase the social media following with your Facebook, Twitter & Youtube channels integrated within the app.
Get 5% of Prize Money

Get 5% of Prize Money

Apart from this, you are also the owner of 5% of the prize money of the league which can be allocated to any player you want.
There isn’t much left to think. Visit HalaPlay and become a League Manager now!
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