100% Bonus Entries are Time dependent now


100% Bonus entries is one of the most discussed and talked about topics amongst our daily users and we have always thought of making this feature more exciting for them. We have an interesting update this time but before we go into explaining it, the important question that comes up here is, are you aware of this benefit (that exists in almost all our top leagues)? Well, this article is mainly to help you understand the same.

Now you know that Bonus can be used to play in the HalaPlay created leagues, and the usage can be generally done in the following ways:

  1. Use 100% bonus money in our bonus leagues till specified limit. Once you have reached 100% bonus usage limit, you can continue using 20% bonus balance in these leagues
  2. Use 20% bonus money in our non-bonus leagues. Rest 80% has to come from your winnings or deposit

To find out the 100% bonus leagues, just look for B sign next to a league name. Number specified with B symbol represents the number of entries with which you can join the league from 100% bonus entries. For example, 3B means you can join the league with upto 100% bonus only for the first 3 entries.

Going forward, all the 100% bonus entries would be time dependent which means that the count of B will now be dependent on time.

It would be halved just 4 hours before the match scheduled time. For example,

  1. If a league has 4 100% Bonus entries i.e 4B, it will become 2B exactly 4 hours before match scheduled starting time. You will be able to enter only 2 100% Bonus entries if you do not join that league before 4 hours of match scheduled time.
  2. If a league has only 1 100% Bonus entry i.e 1B, it will remain the same i.e 1B. So you will be able to join with 1 100% Bonus entry till match starts.
  3. Some common conversions will be – 1B to 1B (no change!), 2B to 1B, 3B to 1B, 4B to 2B, 5B to 2B, 6B to 3B, 7B to 3B and 8B to 4B.
    To enjoy full bonus usage in our top leagues, do remember to join them 4 hours before match starting time.
  4. If a league has 4B and you have entered 3 100% Bonus entries till 4 hours of match scheduled time, you will not be able to join with 4th entry post 4 hour deadline. So use all your 100% Bonus entries beforehand!

Remember – You can edit your team till match starts. Join leagues beforehand and edit team till last minute. HalaPlay provides lineups for 99% matches. So you will almost never lose just because you  have non-playing players in your team. Fantasy sports is all about your skills. Use your skill after knowing all the conditions of the match (pitch condition, lineups, batting order etc).

Join 4hrs before match starts


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