How to play Reverse Fantasy Leagues?


There are generally 2 kinds of fantasy leagues for you to play on HalaPlay. One, normal leagues, where your task is to score maximum points possible and second are the reverse fantasy leagues, where you should try aiming for minimum points possible.

In Reverse Fantasy, apart from trying to score minimum points you should also ensure that all your players are playing the match because if one of your players is not playing in the match then that player automatically gets the maximum points scored by any of the players who are playing. Basically, in return you get maximum points scored a player in that match against the missing player in your team and that is certainly not advisable as your aim is to score minimum points possible.

For example, say there is a player A who is playing and becomes the one with highest points (at the end of match) and there is a player B who is not playing but you have picked him in your team then automatically the player B will get points scored by player A.

So, it’s highly recommended that you don’t choose players who are not playing.

Also, in these leagues, the captain gets his points halved. Hence, it’s important for you to know the player who is highly probable of giving you the maximum points so you can select him as captain and make his scored points half.

This is all the information you need for creating teams in reverse fantasy leagues so visit HalaPlay & make your reverse fantasy team now!

Please do note, all leagues under H2H[R] and Reverse tabs are Reverse Fantasy leagues.