The Significance of Bonus on HalaPlay


First of all, we look into what exactly is Bonus money in HalaPlay. Bonus is the money given by HalaPlay to users to enable them to play more and save their winnings & deposit money.  

It is awarded to a user when they sign up either via our referral program or non-referral. You can also earn 50% bonus on your first deposit (upto ₹250) using promo code WELCOME. Halaplay also releases Deposit Bonus code from time to time.

Now we’ll look into the benefits of having Bonus on Halaplay.
Bonus can be used to participate in halaplay created leagues only. Bonus money cannot be withdrawn directly by the user at any time on his journey on halaplay as it is an incentive by the company to use, experience the platform, reduce their risk and increase their return on investment.

You can use your bonus money in all HalaPlay created leagues –
1. You can use 100% bonus money in our Bonus leagues till specified limit. Once you have reached 100% bonus usage limit, you can continue using 20% bonus balance in these leagues.

2. You can use only 20% bonus money in our non-bonus leagues. Rest 80% has to come from your winnings or deposit.

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